Translation Services

Translation Services for Ukrainian, Russian, and Polish 

We offer translation of any type of text and audio/video materials as well as interpretation of 3-way phone calls.

Our language translation services feature:

  • Affordable rates/prices (from $0.03/word).
  • Certified translation.
  • Handwritten text accepted.
  • Fast turnaround.
  • Personal correspondence: same or next day. Up to 10 page documents: 2-3 days. 
  • High translation quality provided by professional translators - native speakers.
  • Preserving style and document/file format.
  • Personal touch and confidentiality. 

Our audio transcription and phonetic translation services:

  • Transcription and translation of dictation, interviews, conference proceedings, speeches, correspondence, lectures, meetings, manuscripts, teleconferences, etc.
  • Audio and video files (wav, mp3, mpeg, ogg, dss, vox), cassettes or tapes to/from text.

We also provide data/text entry and typing services: 

  • We provide high quality and cost-effective data/text entry and typing services.
  • Conversion of manuscripts, thesis paper books, periodicals, research papers, etc, to digital/computer text form in Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, and English.

Subject Areas

  • Personal and business correspondence.
  • Legal documents, contracts, agreements, patents.
  • Child adoption packages.
  • Manuals and manuscripts.
  • Promotional and advertising literature.
  • Technical and scientific literature.
  • Aerospace and Automotive, Computer Hardware and Software, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Medicine and Biology, Oil and Gas, etc.
  • Web page/site/software localization.

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